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When it comes to your child’s first dental appointment, we want to make sure that your child feels comfortable. Here at New Generation Dentistry, we encourage establishing a “home” for your child to get used to when they receive treatments.

A Typical Pediatric Dentistry Appointment

When your child comes in for the very first time, they will meet our pediatric dentistry expert, Dr. Sara. She will review your child’s medical and dental history first to better understand what your child may be at risk for. Tooth decay and gum disease can be genetic, so Dr. Sara will go over the family’s dental health to prepare for the future.

At the first visit, our pediatric dentist and her staff will explain the steps that are taken to conduct a thorough dental examination. With younger patients, it’s important to use child-friendly language that they can understand. We advise parents to refrain from using words that may instill unnecessary fear – such as “drill”, “yank”, or “extract”. If you decide on sedation dentistry, you can tell your child that they will take some “sleeping juice”. For the exam, tell your child that Dr. Sara is going to “count your teeth” and “take pictures”, instead of saying x-rays.

Finally, Dr. Sara will perform a routine dental cleaning. Parents can stay in the operating room if the child is more comfortable with that arrangement. As she goes through the process, she will explain what she’s doing again, so there is no fear of the unexpected.

Afterward, our pediatric dentist will take the time to explain any dental problems that she sees or wants to prevent. This could be anything from thumb sucking and pacifier use to dietary habits. At this time, parents and children should feel free to ask questions or voice concerns. Dr. Sara is happy to answer.

Preparing for the Pediatric Dentist

Before visiting the pediatric dentist, it’s important to establish positive expectations for your child. Many kids are hesitant to visit the dentist simply because they associate the dentist with the pain, fear, and scary images that they see on TV or hear from relatives.

There are lots of storybooks with positive depictions of the dentist that you can show your child. Emphasize how important it is to maintain healthy teeth to speak, smile, and eat.

The Importance of Building a Positive Relationship with the Pediatric Dentist

A pediatric dentist could be treating your child from as young as two years old until their late teens. It’s important to create a comfortable environment, so children don’t fear the dentist and see dental hygiene in a positively. Therefore, the first appointment has a huge impact on children and their dental health.

At New Generation Dentistry, we welcome parents and their children to stop by earlier than their scheduled appointment to tour the office and settle in.

Dr. Sara is dedicated to building a strong, trusting relationship with all her patients because she understands how important it is to make them feel comfortable. As an expert in pediatric dentistry in Mission Viejo, she has the experience to communicate effectively with children and the qualifications to care for children’s teeth, gums, and mouth as they grow.

You can read more about how to prepare your children for their first dentist’s appointment here.

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