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Safe & Quick Sedation Options for Pediatric Patients

Sedation can be used safely and effectively with patients that are unable to cooperate due to different reasons. Patients dealing with situational anxiety, uncooperative age-appropriate behavior, medical conditions, or disabilities may benefit from sedation dentistry.

We offer two types of sedation for our patients:

1. Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen (NO2)

Nitrous oxide can help to relax a nervous child when a filling or extraction is needed. NO2 inhalation is a safe and effective. Its effect is rapid, reversible and recovery is fast and complete. At the same time inhalation of NO2 reduces the gag reflex, making it easier to perform dental procedures.

2. General Anesthesia (GA)

General anesthesia is the controlled state of unconsciousness, safely administered by an anesthesiologist. While this will be accompanied by a loss of protective reflexes, it is sometimes necessary to use general anesthesia to provide quality dental care for your child.

Considering the patient condition, GA can be done in the hospital or in the dental office with an ambulatory setting.

If you have any questions regarding the use of Nitrous or General Anesthesia for your child’s dental care, our pediatric dentist at New Generation Dentistry will be more than happy to discuss with you the benefits of these.

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